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Fantasy Pets virtual reality game


Learn to take care of your pet, make sure it does not go hungry, and play with toys to keep it entertained! Visit it often and make sure it doesn’t get sick. Don’t worry if it gets dirty playing … It loves to bathe!
You can also shoot some hoops or watch TV while it sleeps or if you need a break.

VR Core

The war between two alien races has been raging on for millennia, and now only their ancient machines remain to fight their endless war. You are an advanced defence Artificial Intelligence designed to prevent the destruction of your home planet. You must do this by taking command of several different towers defending the road to an important main gate to the capital city from a lot of automated enemy tanks.

Defend the door!

VRCore virtual reality game
Unforgiven virtual reality game


Conquer the west by becoming the best duelist ever. Unforgiven brings you the thrill and tension of a true western VR duel. Face another player in an experience where a split second can decide who lives and who dies. Thrive in the ruthless social world of Unforgiven and become a true legend.

Node Wars

In Node Wars only the best warriors will overcome this challenge. Will the conquest of the world be yours? You advance by winning, but if you lose you’ll lose progress. Strategy is the key! Destroy those dammed beasts!

Magic will be your best ally. Use your amazing powers to produce more batallions, defend your node with an awesome shield, boost the rage of your reptile warriors to defeat the enemy troops or to capture the enemy node faster, destroy your enemies with a big blast or freeze them to suffer a brutal impact in their scales.

VRCore virtual reality game
Santa's Magic Sleigh VR game

Santa’s Magic Sleigh VR

It’s Christmas! Elves have finished making gifts, Santa rides in his sleigh and along with his reindeer Rudolph are heading to deliver many presents to good children.
Winter is hard and snow doesn’t stop falling, but Santa and his faithful reindeer will fly over many houses to deliver presents before they wake up.

Get in the skin of Santa Claus and drive your sleigh run by Rudolph, the fast reindeer, and deliver as many gifts as you can in the time limit!